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I'm a UK based Train Driver, currently with Eurostar since 2001 and based at St Pancras in London. I've a lifelong and varied interest in railways from steam, through diesel to electric, narrow gauge, standard and broad gauge. I'm more and more interested in overseas stuff these days, especially the Douro Valley in Portugal, most things hydraulic in Germany, the Harz Mountains again in Germany, the Czech Republic and now moving further east to the Balkans, especially Croatia. A love of north American railroading is kept in check by the cost and duration of the flights, if I could spend more time out there, I would. I still find time to keep an eye on the UK scene and preserved lines.

All the photos on this website are displayed as taken, they haven't been edited, cropped or photoshopped, the only adjustments have been to the colour and lighting balances. They are not individually captioned, you can usually work out the location from the description at the start of each gallery. They are right-click protected to prevent unauthorised use. If you need any further details on individual shots or wish to use any photo don't hesitate to contact me using the email link at the top of the page, or send an email to To avoid spam replace at with @.

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